What is an AED?

What is CPR?

How do I get Training?

What is a Targeted Site?

What are my responsibilities as an AED Site?

What do I do after an AED has been used at my site?

How much does it cost to be an AED Site?

Where can I purchase equipment?

Q.What is an AED?

A. An AED or Automatic External Defibrillator is a computerized medical device about the size of a box of cereal.  In the event of a cardiac arrest this device can check a person's heart rhythm and recognize a rhythm that requires a shock. Voice prompts from the machine will tell a rescuer the steps to take to provide CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and will allow them to provide a shock if one is need.  The use of an AED in conjunction with CPR with in the first few minutes of a cardiac arrest can help to increase the victim's chance of survival. The Summit County Public Access Defibrillation Projects has placed AEDs in public buildings through-out Summit County, providing easy access for their use.  You will see them hanging on the wall in hotel and recreation center lobbies as well as at the marinas, golf courses and nordic centers.  Just look for the "AED" sign.  With only a few hours of training, you can learn the steps of CPR and how to use the AED by contacting, Keep the Beat at Summit County Ambulance Service, 970-668-5777. top

Q. What is CPR?

A. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is a combination of chest compressions and rescue breathing.  Rescue Breathing provides oxygen to the system, while chest compressions act as the pump to circulate the blood containing oxygen to the brain and other organs. Done together, rescue breathing and chest compressions take over for the heart and lungs in the event of a cardiac arrest.  CPR increases a person's chance of survival by keeping the brain and vital organs supplied with oxygen until they can receive defibrillation and advanced medical care.

You can learn how to perform CPR in only a few short hours by contacting, Keep the Beat Summit at 970-668-5777. top

Q. How do I get Training?

A. In Summit County, training in CPR and AED is provided by the following organizations:


Q.What is a Targeted Site?

A. A Targeted Site is a public area (typically a public building) located within the county that sees a high concentration of visitors. It is a location where there is a higher likelihood of a person collapsing from cardiac arrest.  For example the County Commons, Riverwalk Center, the Frisco Nordic Center or the Lake Dillon Marina, are good examples of where easy access to an AED can make a difference. top

Q.What are my responsibilities as an AED Site?

A. As an AED Site, you will need to check your AED on a weekly basis to make sure that the unit is functioning correctly, the battery is still operational and the pads have not expired.

You will need to purchase a replacement battery about every 5-years and new pads every 2-years.  A number of your site employees will need to maintain current CPR/ AED certification and you will have to fill out the appropriate "AED USE Report" if a use occurs. Please see the estimate of ongoing expenses if your site has the Philips FR2+ model AED or the Phililps FRx model

Q.What do I do after an AED has been used at my site?

A. In the event of an AED USE, please contact the Summit County Ambulance Service, 970-668-5777.  We will send someone out to down load the data from the machine and to make sure that the unit is ready to go back into service.  Make sure you fill out the "AED USE Report" that is provided with your AED and turn it into the Ambulance Service

Q.How much does it cost to be an AED site?

A.Cost of being an AED site will very depending on which type of unit you site has in place.
FR2Plus Maintenance Cost
FRx Maintenance Cost

Q. Where can I purchase equipment?

A.You can order replacement pads and batteries directly from the manufacturer at Philips Medical Store - Please contact the Keep the Beat Summit office at 970-668-5777 for help in determining exactly what equipment you need for your model